Pesto Rigatoni with Fresh Tomatoes

I'm slowly infecting the family with my love of pesto. I added chicken to this easy recipe from Pinch of Yum, cleaning out my fridge and creating a delicious dinner that appeased my finicky-eater family ...God, that line sounds like something from a Mommy blog. To be fair, I follow a lot of those, and I … Continue reading Pesto Rigatoni with Fresh Tomatoes


Cucumber Bread with Blueberries

Ah, summertime, when gardens flourish and near strangers pull you aside to offload their spare produce. I still fondly remember the box of free squashes a neighbor set on their lawn last year. I lugged home a zucchini that stretched 2 and a half feet, with another foot in circumference. I could have killed a man with that … Continue reading Cucumber Bread with Blueberries