Eggplant Parmesan

On the one hand, this recipe stole away about two hours of my life. On the other hand, I’m in the middle of Winter Break, so I don’t have much of a life to speak of. Despite all the working and waiting, however, I’ll be making it in the future. Budget Bytes’ eggplant parmesan was … Continue reading Eggplant Parmesan


Kim Cooks: Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli

This pesto pasta from Budget Bytes is perfect—creamy, carb-filled and packed with veggies and protein. It’s like the old food pyramid given life. It makes about five servings, which is perfectly portioned for a week’s lunches. Of course, I ate two of those servings immediately upon making it, and I suspect I could have finished … Continue reading Kim Cooks: Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli